Should I Get a Sidelight for My Entry Door?



Door sidelights provide light for your entryway in the early evenings and throughout the night. They assist in opening up your entryway space and have the added benefit of allowing you to peek out and see who is outside your door before you open it. Sidelights such as glass block door sidelights can be attractive, but there are pros and cons for homeowners who use them.


Sidelight Pros


Sidelights such as glass block sidelights are popular in the fact that they add light outside your home without allowing anyone the ability to see in your home. This gives you plenty of privacy without having to put on a set of net drapes over the windows to your doorway.


Sidelights are typically known for their sturdiness. If something accidently hits against them it will not usually cause them to break. This gives them plenty of strength and solidity for the structure of your home. Sidelights such as glass block sidelights look good with most architecture and tend to blend in with many styles.


Sidelight Cons

The greatest challenge for door sidelight is their installation. You will need enough width for the block to sit flush to your house. This can be tricky for many different types of houses. You will also need enough space for the sidelights block on either side of the door. Although popular sidelights such as glass blocks provide light without letting people see into your home, they can also block you from being able to see out of your home well. In many cases, you might still have to open the front door.


Door sidelights for your entryway have pros and cons. Many homeowners enjoy the light that they provide to their home from the street, which can be both equally welcoming to guests and deter unwanted or unsavory visitors. Depending on the style that you choose, they can actually block you from being able to see well outside. When it comes to purchasing an entryway sidelight, you’ll want to pay particular attention to aspects such as this in addition to aesthetics. To know more about sidelight of entry door please contact your windows and door consultant in your area.