5 Tips On Choosing a Contractor For Your Home Renovation Project


#1 Word of Mouth

Asking your friends and family for referrals is some of the best ways to find quality work. People you trust are going to give you their honest opinion on who you should and shouldn’t hire, and you may even get a chance to see actual work that the contractor has been completed.

#2 Do Your Research

Before talking to a contractor about your home job, make sure to do your research. Verify each contractor’s credentials and license qualifications with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Check the Better Business Bureau and other sites you trust for positive ratings.

#3 Conduct Interviews

You don’t want to waste money on someone that doesn’t understand your vision or doesn’t have your preferred qualifications. Conducting phone interviews are a great way to find your perfect fit.

Make sure to ask:

Are they willing to take on a project of your size?
Do they have time for your project? How many other project’s wills they have simultaneously?
How do they handle project estimates? Will they itemize their bid?
How long have they been doing business in your town?
Can they provide a list of referrals?

#4 Check References

Ask to view a portfolio and references to previous work. If you get the opportunity to speak with a previous client, ask how the contractor performed on their delivery of time and budget. How happy were they with the outcome? What do they feel could have gone better in their project?

#5 Discuss a Payment Schedule

Find out how the contractor typically handles estimations and project payments. Do they guarantee their work at a fixed price, or do they work on an hourly basis? Most importantly, make sure to get all financial agreements in writing, and that the agreement is mutually beneficial. A great contract protects both the client and the contractor.